Play Online Poker with Titan Poker

Purchase IPoker SNG Table Opener

The cost is $49 for the Full Version (annual license) that is unlocked to open all the Sit & Go Tables.

Ways to pay for the application:

  • MasterCard/Maestro/Visa using PayPal Secure Payment.

After payment, please follow these simple instructions:

1. Install and load up the IPoker SNG Table Opener application. 

2. Click 'Register' to load the Registration application. 

(or run regIPOpen.exe from the base install directory, normally C:/Program Files/PkrTools/IPokerOpener) 

3. Follow the instructions to generate the Hardware ID and email text. 

4. Email the Hardware ID to together with:

  • Your payment method.
  • The PayPal/Moneybookers email address or your pokersite username.
  • Your chosen license filename.

Tip: you can use the two buttons in Register application to open your email client and to copy the generated email text in to the clipboard, then just paste it straight in to your email client. 

After the Hardware ID is received, the generated license file will be emailed back.