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Latest Update on 15th January 2012

Download the NEW & FREE IPoker Table Tool v1.0 for Windows XP / Vista / 7

Due to a recent update with many IPoker Skins the old Ipoker Table Opener cannot function correctly anymore, after research into the problem I made the decision to replace the tool with a new FREE lite version: the Ipoker Table Tool.

Please feel free to download and use this FREE tool on IPoker.

The Table Opener will no longer be supported.

Note: the current registration procedure takes a lot of focus from the tables and may cause confusion/problems when trying to play at the same time, please bear this in mind and use with caution. I am looking at ways to resolve this.

Please fully test the registration automation and all the features with the trial version before buying.

As opposed to bingo sites, where you don't need to download any software, poker is a complex game which requires tools. Using certain tools in poker can really help improve ones game.

If you experience problems with Windows Vista, try setting user account on program folder to Full Access and IPOpener.exe to run as administrator. The application needs this to interact with the client application. Also turn UAC off so the opener can interact with the iPoker application.

You can now press Ctrl Key & Alt Key & Shift Key together to abort scanning at any time.

v1.7+ now works with English & German client installations. Also Added improved support for all SNG tables and improved 64-bit support (please test this first).

Note: The application requires the installation of Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0, you can download that here. If you are running applications like PokerHound you will have this installed already!